The Devil's Pathway
In The Grip Of Evil
music by Johnny Kerbusch/Pascal Van Lint
lyrics by Guido Gevels
originally released by Cyclone on the album "Brutal Destruction" (1986)

Wake up in the morning but the fever takes me higher
Faster than the speed of light and straight into hellfire
No way to confess I join the army of betrayers
Evil's got me in its grip I've become the taker

Nervous sweat runs down my face I'm total concentration
No beginning there's no end I'm ruled by domination
With eager hunting down the streets till I've got someone in sight
The lust to kill has no control unleash the wrath tonight

You're in the grip of

You run and hide and pray to god but you can't escape me never
An evil force controls my mind as I stalk the night forever
Cut your throat and rip thy flesh you're screaming terrified
The lust to kill has no control unleash the wrath tonight

The Devil's Pathway
Watching you
Through the holes above
Not supposed to be afraid
But the spiral runs up
Crying between the walls
Reaching out

So let me look at you
See what you've become
What the seasons passing by
Have done

Can you find me little one
Look above and beyond
I'm everything around

When your hands stroke your face
When you touch the walls
Do not wonder it's me
It's me

Do not try to run
Or hide behind the walls
I'm the fluid running

Am I getting through
I'm the soul of you
Everything you are
Is me, me, me

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