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No retreat, no surrender
A determined band, dedicated to the right cause, knowing hard work pays off? Or just a bunch of stubborn ragers? In After All’s case it’s hard to tell the difference. Plain and simple, these Belgian thrash metal veterans are both.

On their ninth album ‘Waves Of Annihilation’, After All lift the fine art of thrash metal song writing to a new level. “Of course you need killer riffs for thrash metal”, said guitarist Dries Van Damme, “but for After All, the riff is only the starting point. In the end we write songs, with hooks and big choruses that stick. That requires considerably more effort than just putting together some riffs.”

One rule: no limits
Proving their point on the new record, After All take the metal fan on a dazzling rollercoaster ride, from the ferocious thrash outbursts of ‘Rejection Overruled’ and ‘The Unusual Sin’, to the pounding metal of ‘Fall In Line’ and the jaw-dropping epic tale that is ‘After The Hurt Is Gone’. “We wrote most of the songs together, as a band”, said guitarist Christophe Depree, “with only one rule: we did whatever we wanted, without any limits.”

The introduction of singer Sammy Peleman on the previous album ‘Dawn Of The Enforcer’ got the band a lot of attention. The press compared Peleman’s vocal delivery to metal royalty such as Rob Halford, Geoff Tate and John Cyriis. “The high-pitched vocals are still there”, Peleman explained, “but we deliberately broadened the spectrum. There’s a lot of heavy metal vocals on the new record, as well as thrash metal shouting and some seriously heavy growling.” In other words: the vocals are as versatile as the songs themselves.

‘Dawn Of The Enforcer’ proved to be After All’s best selling album so far, gaining critical acclaim of both the press and the metal community, including an entry in Rock Hard’s ‘10 x Dynamit’. It motivated the band to strengthen its relationship with producer Dan Swanö and graphic artist Ed Repka.

“Dan Swanö meticulously crafted a heavy, yet open sound”, said bass player Frederik Vanmassenhove, “far removed from today’s loudness war. It’s all we hoped for - and then some.” The same sense of detail can be found in Ed Repka’s artwork, portraying how an elite of survivors leaves a post-nuclear world at the mercy of rabid mutants. Seriously: it just doesn’t get any more metal than that…

Road warriors
Over the years, After All have been tireless road warriors: opening a stadium show for Judas Priest one day, playing a sweaty club the other. After All were part of Killfest 2011, a four-week trek across Europe with Overkill, Destruction and Heathen. In support of ‘Dawn Of The Enforcer’, After All toured Germany with Sacred Reich and continued playing shows with bands as diverse as Queensryche, Manilla Road, Angel Witch, Vicious Rumors or Obituary.

In previous years, After All toured Europe with well-known acts such as King Diamond, Anthrax, Fear Factory, Agent Steel, Stone Sour, Testament, Exodus, Sepultura, and many more - and played high-profile festivals such as Graspop Metal Meeting (with Iron Maiden), Keep It True, Metal Dayz, Alcatraz Metal Fest, Dokkem Open Air and more. To support ‘Waves Of Annihilation’, the band will hit the road once more in 2016…

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"Waves Of Annihilation" CD/LP/tape (2016)
"Dawn Of The Enforcer" CD/LP (2012)
"Cult Of Sin" CD (2009)
"This Violent Decline" CD/LP (2006)
"The Vermin Breed" CD/LP (2005)
"Mercury Rising" CD/LP (2003)
"Dead Loss" CD (2000)
"Transcendent" CD (1998)
"Wonder" CD (1995)

"Rejection Overruled" 10 inch (2015)
"Becoming The Martyr" EP (CD) (2011)
"Betrayed By The Gods"EP (CD) (2010)
"The Devil's Pathway" 7 inch (2006)
"Armageddon Come" 12 inch/PD (2002)
"The Bereaved EP" 7 inch (2001)
"No Recollection" 7 inch (2000)
"Dusk" 7 inch (1992)

A detailed discography lies beneath this link.

Sacred Reich/After All (June 2012)
Killfest 2011: Overkill/Destruction/Heathen/After All (March 2011)
Fear Factory (February/March 2010)
Agent Steel/Vicious Rumors (September 2007)
King Diamond (June 2006)
Destruction/Candlemass (November 2005)
Agent Steel (April 2005)
Overkill/Seven Witches (November 2003)
Anthrax/Prong (June 2003)
Anthrax (March 2003)

Judas Priest, Testament, Forbidden, Stone Sour, My Dying Bride, Jon Oliva's Pain, Armored Saint, Exodus, Shadows Fall, Heathen, Life Of Agony, Saxon, Tankard, Metal Church, Laaz Rockit, Rage, Blitzkrieg, Primal Fear, Helstar, Voivod, Paradise Lost, Anvil, Blaze, Tankard, Angel Witch, Dead Soul Tribe, After Forever, (hed) PE, The Gathering, Anathema, Therion, Psychotic Waltz, Apocalyptica...